Jordan Demirt: Inspiring Man

Jordan Demirt is on the big screens in 204: Getting Away with Murder, playing a cameo role as a drug-dealer who gets busted. You may also remember him from Scandal, 7De Laan and the KFC advert. Or, you may have seen him doing various promotions at top nightclubs in Johannesburg. Vanessa Smeets asked what makes this engineer-turned-actor tick...

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April 1 st, 2015

1) Jordan, you are originally half-Greek, but tell us more about your background...

I grew up in Pretoria. I studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Pretoria.


2) So, what is it you do now?

I work in the entertainment industry predominately.  I'm a freelance actor amongst other things! I’ve worked with big names like Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds on the set of Safe House.


3) Wow! And what do you do in your free time, if there is free time?

I like to spend it by playing tennis, hanging out with my friends, building my own company and networking (can never do too much of that!)


4) Tell us about your favourite quotes?

“I don't know the secret to success, but I do know the secret to failure is trying to please everyone,” Bill Cosby.

“Hope, it is the quintessential delusion, simultaneously our greatest strength and greatest weakness,” The Matrix.


5) Which women influenced you the most in your life?

Definitely my mother! Watching her compassion, dedication and nurturing nature has been a great example to lead for my own life. I don't always do it, but I try.

In South Africa, Politicians Helen Zille, Patricia De Lille and advocate Thuli Madonsela are all ladies I admire. These are ladies who aren't afraid to do things that may be controversial for the things they believe in!

In the wider community I'd have to say Ivanka Trump, Kristen Wiig and Maria Sharapova impress me!


6) Wonderful. What is your advice for women out there reading this?

Trust your gut. Believe and stand up for yourself. Remember your self worth and the sky's the limit!





1) and 2) Jordan spends his time modelling, acting as well as tutoring Maths.

3) Jordan modelling for Edgars.

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