Strategy to get noticed at work

Learning politics

Learning and understanding the dynamics of office politics might establish relationships with people for development or a prospect that could help (even indirectly) to achieve your goal.


April 9 th, 2015

Pay raise and promotions

Many people think that good work will be rewarded with a promotion or a raise but this is not how it happens in practice. Not all companies offer an annual salary increase so you might need to request that raise or promotion.

Clear communication

Clear communication entails much more listening than speaking. However, you need to express your ideas and ask questions to clarify expectations.


Networking opens up many doors and opportunities. You need to communicate with other people outside the company. Do not neglect networking with women in other sectors or industries than yours.

Balance work and personal life
You need to balance your work and personal lives. Mostly, our most important relationships are at the mercy of our professional lives. Not many parents, husbands or wives on their deathbeds wished they spend more time at the office…Courage mixed with consideration goes a long way.


Tsiory Ny Rina

  • Nov 26

    Youngest Microsoft graduate

    The youngest Microsoft graduate made headline news in British newspapers. Ayan Qureshi (5) poses next to his computer