Hard work behind glitz and glam

Mrs. South Africa (Pty) Ltd is the number one pageant for married women in SA, and is seen as an empowerment program.

Former Mrs. South Africa, Joani Johnson, has been the CEO of the company since 2011 and the business has reached new heights under her guidance and expertise. She has been recognised as a successful entrepreneur and business women by many publications and has been nominated for various awards.

Mrs. South Africa Winners, Finalists and Entrants are usually successful business women, mothers and wives with a high LSM, between the ages of 25-50 years of age.


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April 10 th, 2015

Mrs. South Africa 2015/16 Semi Finalist: Kedidimetse Tswai

Married, sophisticated, beautiful: I am indeed Bona Fide!

Who is Kedidimetse?


Kedidimetse Tswai is 34 years old, a mother of three girls, married to a wonderful and supporting husband Tshwanelo Zachariah Tswai. Sheis a business woman who owns KT and 3R’s cakes and other services.  She works for the Department of Water and Sanitation’s communication department. She is a caregiver filled with warmth, compassion and love for humanity, especially women, youth and children.


Her passion and involvement with Mrs. SA


Kedidimetse is content and takes pleasure in supporting women from all walks of life (disabled, sick, unemployed, needy, rural and unskilled). She likes to help them realize their dreams, being strengthened, encouraged and empowered. Kedidimetse achieves this through sharing her personal life experiences with other women who may have gone through, and conquered, the same challenges. She became involved in contribution to bring about change for these reasons. She has impacted many lives positively and has helped many women to restore their lost sense of pride and confidence in being a woman, regardless of their social status, hence her involvement and commitment to WID (Women in Dialogue).


Kedidimetse, or Kedi as she is fondly and affectionately called by those close to her, is totally consumed by her passion to empower women. This passion is evident through her involvement and commitment in the networks and platforms she has created where women can support and advice each other. These networks and platforms also serve discussion on how to touch lives, form dialogues and engage in diverse activities that benefits women. Discussion focuses on various issues, aspects and topics impacting heavily on women .


Mrs. South Africa winners will represent South Africa on international level at Mrs. World, Mrs. Universe and Mrs. Globe pageants. Sarah-Kate Scott was chosen as First runner-up in Mrs. World 2014 and our first princess, Riana Mooi, won the Mrs. Globe Pageant


What does she want to accomplish as Mrs. SA 2015/16?

“Mrs. SA is a wonderful platform for creating awareness of the importance married woman’s role, especially one with children and a career, in society.

I will involve myself with campaigns and careers that empower women; programs like women in water and youth, gender equality as well as women who are networking to empower each other. [I will] create a tangible support system for women to reinforce positive upliftment of each other, sharing topics of concern by holding workshops throughout the country.

To encourage women to remain supportive of their families, sturdy in their beliefs and accomplishing their dreams; to have strength to provides for her family and honesty to help others.

[I will] continue my work as a water Ambassador, campaign for cancer awareness as our main beneficiary throughout the country.

Beyond the glitz and glamour of a tiara is hard work to be a vessel of help to others and to lend my name and skills to any cause that approaches me.
To promote and expand the Mrs. SA brand and to bring new sponsorships where needed.
And lastly, to bring home an international title!

To achieve this I will need you support by voting and liking my picture on Mrs. South Africa Facebook page.”


Voting lines are open until 24 April, 2015. SMS KEDIDIMETSE to 35959.  Vote as much as you like.

Also like my Facebook page: Kedidimetse Tswai-Mrs. South Africa semi –finalist, together with Mrs. South Africa Facebook page



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