Valerie Ayena: beauty beyond the crown / beautiful and intelligent

Valerie Ayena is young Cameroonian model who has evolved abroad. She went to a primary school in the Ndogbong neighbourhood. She attended Agape High School and graduated from Levant High School. She learned business communication at the Institute of Higher Management of Cameroon. Meanwhile, she learned English to succeed in the world fashion.


April 10 th, 2015

Fashion has always been her dream. Since her childhood, she participated in the academic contest Miss Sweet Master, organised by the radio station Sweet F. She realised that fashion is something that thrills people. She believed that fashion would enable her to develop something viable in Cameroon. Her passion for fashion grew and she became more determined to become successful in the fashion industry.

She participated in the Johannesburg Fashion Week and Luanda Fashion Week. She has received a lot of contract proposals since then. Everything skyrocketed at the same time. No one anticipated that Cameroon could produce international models!

She signed a contract with Sony Ericsson brand. She admitted that it was difficult for her to communicate during her stay in South Africa because she is not fluent in English. But she worked harder and harder as she started casting again. Later she signed another contract with Wildwood, a big South African brand. She also made it to Fashion Week.  

Her life definitely took a different turn on 9 August, 2013 when she was crowned as Miss Cameroon 2013, defeating 20 other contestants. Her journey has been crowned.

Her dream is to do more work internationally and thus to prevent anyone asking the question whether Cameroon is a city in Nigeria. She wants to open a model agency in Cameroon at some stage.


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