What’s your story?

Whether we like it or not, each and every one of us has a story: a story that has influenced our perception and outlook on life. A story that has changed us forever or a story we can never forget for the rest of our lives. We have a story that will always have an impact on the way we do and view things


April 13 th, 2015

In most cases, instead of letting our stories bring us together, we allow them to tear us apart. I know for sure that God is the best storyteller! I mean, first and foremost, He created all the characters and He tells no bad stories! God loves telling good stories. The best part is that you have victory and are sure to triumph when He is on your side. You first have to be a caterpillar to become a butterfly. You begin to tell your story the minute you step into your newness and prepare yourself for the "journey" of becoming a butterfly. The best part about this whole God-thing is choosing to see yourself the way He sees you. You need to believe what He thinks of you instead of what you think of yourself. Trust me...when you do see God, you'll never forget Him! What we often fail to realize is that our words are containers, holding and controlling our lives. We bring our words to life. Our words build our worlds. We also need to understand that our destinations are our destinies, and we have a much greater purpose here on earth. This gives life its meaning. Never speak defeat. Always remember that God gives beauty for ashes and joy for mourning. What are you trusting the author of your story for today?

  • Nov 26

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