Xenophobia: women and children victimised

Attacks on immigrants continued in KZN on Saturday night, when shops and churches were torched in Umlazi and KwaMashu.

South Africa may no longer be a safe country for immigrants after a series of violent attacks by indigenes. Attacks flared in the wake of Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini’s order to non-South Africans to “pack their bags and go home”. About 62 people have reportedly been killed following the king’s remark.

Tensions increased on Saturday night when shops owned by foreign nationals were looted and set on fire by a mob of angry residents. One of the Ethiopian brothers, trapped in the petrol-

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April 14 th, 2015

Government is deeply concerned

President Zuma has finally spoken out about the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, saying government is “deeply concerned”.

“We therefore urge our people to treat those who are in our country legally with respect and Ubuntu.” President Jacob Zuma said.

The President also called for peace during hisbirthday celebrations in Durban, wishing to see all South Africans living together in peace and harmony.

Women and children are victimised

Hundreds of innocent women and children have been affected by the violence, and more than 150 people have no shelter. The refugees, including women and children, are mostly citizens of Malawi, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many local students could not attend classes.

The Chatsworth SAPS was turned into a temporary shelter for xenophobia victims. Hundreds of foreign nationals have sought refuge at the Chatsworth police station. Women and children were given a place to sleep inside the station.

KZN woman calls for peace

BandileMdlalose (28), president of the Community Justice Movement, an organisation that fights for human rights, believes that the Zwelithini’s comments fuelled an already burning issue. "As I took a taxi in Durban, everyone was saying that non-South Africans must go. This has become a song that is sung in every place”, she said. Mdlalose calls on SA nationals to unite against the king’s order.

King Zwelithini’s call to stop violence

King Zwelithini broke the silence over the series of violent attacks against foreigners, and made a call to stop the attacks. He said what he had meant was not to attack foreign nationals. "I have not ordered any attacks…Why should I do that? If I did that, the country would be in ashes by now. All I am saying is that people my take their horses and go and plough their land."

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