Putting first things first

Putting first things first means you prioritise and organise your week to ensure that you complete important projects. In this day in age, we get so caught up in the urgency rut that we tend to neglect the things that are really important. Today’s article focuses on first things at work.


April 15 th, 2015

Planning your week / month

The concept of weekly planning might sound strange but in essence, you’ll see your priorities are at a glance. Important projects are prioritised and you’ll be able to allot the required time to each project. You can plan in advance which will save a lot of time down the line.

Daily lists

The best way to keep track of incoming work is to implement a book system. Post-it notes have a tendency to disappear. Write every new task, instruction or to do item down in a book. Once the task is completed, cross it out. This system will help you manage, and remember, everything that needs to be done. It will also serve as a record keeping system.  

Plan ahead

You’ve planned your week ahead but received a new project or task that’s due within a few days. Slot this into your weekly / monthly planning and viola! At the end of your day you should make a list of all the items on your schedule for the following day. This will give you a clear indication of what tomorrow will hold and will give you peace of mind that you have all your bases covered. You’ll be more relaxed when at home and will sleep much better.


Your weekly / monthly planner can also include family activities and important goals you’ve set for your personal life. Organise your desk and office in such a way that anyone will be able to continue with your work in the event of an emergency.

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