HORROR SHIPWRECK: 400 die, babies among rescued

Nearly 400 people are missing after a boat was shipwreck off the coast of Libya. Many of the victims are children, according to reports on Tuesday by Save the Children Organisation.

A boat, carrying about 550 migrants, was travelling to Italy when it flipped over a day after leaving the Libyan coast, accordingto some of the rescued passengers.  The Italian Coast Guard rescued 144 survivors from the site, according to an official. Nine bodies have already been recovered, but no more survivors have since been found. Coast guards have launched an air and sea search operation, hoping to find the other victims. The accident will be the worst sea incident in the Mediterranean in the twenty-first century if the 400 missing migrants are dead.

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April 16 th, 2015

Migration season

The migration season has started. More than 7,000 migrants have already been rescued from the Mediterranean since Friday, according to the European Union. On Monday, 2,851 migrants were saved in rescue operations in the Mediterranean, the Italian coastguard said, adding to at least nine who died and 5,629 who were saved over the weekend.

Babies among the rescued

Michele Prosperi from Save the Children Italy said there were several young males, probably minors, among the victims and also children among those rescued. Increasing violence and terror in Libya is the main cause for the deadly migration. Migrants are hoping to find shelter in Europe. This NGO said "more landings are expected as instability continues in Libya, raising concerns that many more children will brave the perilous journey to find safety in Italy."

World’s deadliest sea

The Italian government has ordered regional prefects to prepare emergency housing for 6,500 migrants, a policy which the opposition party is not in favour of because it may encourage others to embark on a risky sea journey. Authorities said nearly 15,000 migrants have arrived so far in 2015. In February, about 300 have drowned during an attempt to cross the Mediterranean in cold weather and rough seas. Last year, a record 170,000 migrants landed on Italian shores, an average of 25,000 each month between June and September. According to reports, approximately 3,419 drowned along the way. Humanitarian groups tag the Mediterranean as the world’s deadliest sea route.

NGOs plead with EU

Humanitarian Organisations, including Save the Children and the IOM, have called for the European Union to bolster its sea rescue operations before the migrant flows soar, as they usually do in the summer months, in order to avoid a repetition of this enormous tragedy.





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