On your way to better health

People are often tempted to rush into sports that are more or less suited to their personality, their tastes and their everyday schedules. But despite all the good intentions, these resolutions are quickly abandoned. Some sports take too long and are very costly to many people. Here’s a simple activity which is accessible at any time of the day. It does not require sophisticated, expensive equipment at all.

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April 16 th, 2015

Walking promotes weigh loss

Walking is beneficial to maintain agile and well-articulated joints. It develops muscle tone, especially when arm movement is practiced as it relaxes the upper body. A brisk walk also strengthens the heart! Brisk walking is also an effective way to lose or maintain weight if done on a regular basis. To benefit from brisk walking, you must breathe and rest a bit at the end of the activity. Brisk walking is a bit faster than casual strolling. We don’t use our arms when we take a stroll so we need to up the speed a bit and use our arms to fully benefit from walking. 


Combats stress

Being outside and walking in the fresh air provides instant benefits. Our focus shifts from our inner world to the beauty of the outer as our eyes feast on external stimulation. Nature has a tremendous calming effect on our minds: green is the colour associated with relaxation. You will feel the effect after a 30-minute walk. Walk at least 3 to 4 times per week, every week.



Walking should be an enjoyable activity, done at your own pace and in your own time. The added benefit of walking is that it is a family activity. You get to improve your whole family’s health while you spend quality time away from home and responsibilities.  Get home, put the food on the stove and go for a family break! You know how long your food needs to cook, so by the time you get back home, dinner will be done. We often neglect spending quality family time due to hectic schedules and pressing responsibilities. Walking is the perfect way to re-unite the family and to relax together.

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