Stacey Castor: Greedy killer wife and mother

New Yorker Stacey Castor (born 24 July, 1967) is a convicted murderer. She was charged with second degree murder, second degree attempted murder in 2007. Stacey intentionally killed her husbands and attempted to kill her children. What possesses a mother to try and kill her children?


April 16 th, 2015

First husband

Stacey Castor met Michael Wallace when she was 17. They got married in 1985 and had their first child, Ashley. In 1991, Stacey gave birth to their second daughter, Bree. Castor worked for an ambulance dispatch company while Wallace was employed as a mechanic at night. Wallace began feeling sick in 1999 and died of a heart attack in 2000.

Second husband

Castor married David in 2003. David owned an air conditioning company and employed Castor there. In 2005, one afternoon at around 2pm, Castor called the sheriff’s office. She said her husband had locked himself in the bedroom following an argument, and refused to respond to her phone calls. The sheriff broke into their house and found David’s lifeless body bright green liquid Officials concluded that he had committed suicide, but when Castor’s fingerprint was discovered on a glass of antifreeze, Castor became a murder suspect.

Attempted murder

Police launched a full scale investigation into her husband’s death shortly after Castor became a murder suspect. The investigators exhumed Wallace’s body and discovered that he was poisoned with antifreeze. Police interrogated his daughter Ashley in 2007. The following day Castor offered her a “nasty-tasting”. Initially, Ashley refused to drink the concoction but eventually complied with her mother’s wishes because she trusted her. Fortunately, her younger sister Bree found her in a comatose state on her bed and called 911.  Potentially fatal painkillers were found Ashley’s system. Police interrogated Ashley again when she woke up. She informed them that she didn’t write a suicide note stating that she’d killed her father and stepfather. The only thing she remembered was the revolting drink offer to her by her mother.   


In 2009, Castor was found guilty of second degree murder for the poisoning death of David and Wallace, and of attempted murder of Ashley with a drug overdose and vodka. Her motive was her husbands’ life insurance money.



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