Kids witness mom’s murder


A heartless, bloody incident happened in Johannesburg when a 33-year-old mother was shot dead by hijackers in front of her children, Gauteng police reported on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old mom was shot and killed in a hijacking outside her daughter's school in Bram Fischer Phase 4, Soweto. Her 7-year-old son was with her when she went to collect her 12-year-old daughter from school on Monday afternoon, according to Lieutnant Makkhubela.

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April 22 nd, 2015

Shot and thrown out of the car

The mother of two was killed in cold blood by two hijackers. She was shot and thrown out of her car before the hijackers fled the scene in her car. "The daughter got into the car and as they got on the road, they were confronted by two men with guns," said Makhubela. "The mother was shot and thrown out of the car with her kids," Makhubela added.

She died on the scene. The children were not harmed. Her Toyota Corolla was found abandoned in Dobsonville extension 3 several hours later, reported the police. Police is investigating a murder and robbery case.

Psychological effects

Psychological research has shown that a person’s age affects his or her ability to cope with the death of a parent. The circumstances of a parent’s death affect the intensity of a person’s grief. However, regardless of age, it is impossible to imagine the trauma of these two children who witnessed their mother’s murder. The trauma is most likely to result in post-traumatic stress disorder. Depending on how the situation is handled in terms of trauma support for the children, they might also suffer from complicated grief. The World Health Organisation (WHO) listed violence against women as the number one trauma around the globe, surpassing natural disasters.



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