SWIMMING: SA woman sets new record

Dubai- The first female to swim around the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai is a South African.

Kieran Ballard Treemer (38) has completed a 14.5km swim around Dubai’s iconic landmark on Saturday within four hours and 28minutes, swimming inside the breakwater of Palm Jumeirah.

Sacrifice for charity

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April 24 th, 2015

The 38-year-old teacher has become the first female to swim around this iconic landmark. She prepared for three months and was joined by two other swimmers from Australia and Germany. She said donations were made directly on the Red Crescent’s online donation page.

Determined regardless of her background

Considering her fear of the sea and also the fact that many people have drowned along the coast of Dubai, she had her mind set on her goal and takes pride in her identity.

“I came from a background where I didn’t even put my foot in the water because we have great white sharks in South Africa,” Treemer told local media. “Slowly, over the last four years, it’s become easy for me to swim here,” she said.

Next challenge

Treemer said after this charity swim, she is aiming at forming a Water Safety Charity that will teach children how to swim safely, both in pools and in the sea.

“A lot of unnecessary drownings are happening along the coast of Dubai and that is due to the fact that a lot of people do not know how to swim. In South Africa and Australia, most children learn to swim at an early age but here they don’t. It’s ironic because we have beautiful beaches.”

Swimmers were supported by volunteers during the challenge. Treemer did not experience major challenges while swimming, but she admitted that approaching the breakwater opening opposite the Atlantis Hotel was a tough one. Nakheel Beach spokesman congratulated the group on their achievement.

A passionate teacher

‘’My passion for teaching and travel brought me to Dubai in 2005. I enjoy working in the multicultural environment of the Middle East and thrive on the varied cultural portfolio represented by the children I teach.’’

Treemer is a multi-talented teacher who also specialises in psychology, clarinet, saxophone, chamber music as well as music technology. She currently teaches swimming and music at Nord Anglia International School Dubai.




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