Nepal hit by 7.9 quake, 4000 dead



 A massive earthquake measuring 7.9 hit Nepal on Saturday, causing widespread destruction and a rising death toll. 

A devastating earthquake has turned one of the world’s most beautiful regions into a panorama of obliteration. The official death toll for that most devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in more than 80 years has currently reached 4,349, with more than 6,500 injured. Nepal’s prime minister, Sushil Koirala, warned on Tuesday that the number killed in the earthquake could more than double to 10,000 people.

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April 29 th, 2015

Thousands of homes, schools, monuments and other infrastructureshave been destroyed near the earthquake’s epicentre in Gorkha.

The aftershock

As international teams intensively work to dig out survivors, tens of thousands Nepalese are still struggling to find shelter.

The aftershock has sparked intense fear in Nepal, according to reports. Tens of thousands of families are sleeping on the streets, either because their houses were destroyed or because they are too scared to return home.

Hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley were overcrowded, running out of emergency supplies and space for corpses, the UN said in a statement.

Rescue missions, humanitarian organisations and NGOs are on the ground, providing essential aid and medical assistance. People are in desperate need of food, water, medicine and other necessities.

Rising death toll

The death toll might increase as some remote areas still remain cut off and hard to access because roads are still blocked by landslides. “It is a very desperate situation,” said Kamal Singh Bam, Nepal’s national police spokesman on Sunday. “The death toll is very high and it will go up even more. Rescue operations are slow because we do not have all the proper facilities.”

Appeal for support

The Nepalese government appealed to international organisations to intensify rescue efforts because there is shortage of workers and facilities that slows down rescue and recovery operations. Labourers “are all gone to their families and staying with them, refusing to work.”

“We are appealing for tents, dry goods, blankets, mattresses and 80 different medicines that the health department is seeking that we desperately need now,” he added.

18 killed in avalanche

At least 18 people have been killed and more than 60 reportedly injured in an avalanche on Mount Everest. About 100 climbers were trapped in the mountains, most of whom are British nationals.

Newly-wed couple survives

Alex Schneider and his pregnant partner, Sam Chappatte, realised their dream of climbing the world’s highest mountain when the ground began shaking violently. Their guide screamed: “Get out of your tents, grab your ice axes!” They said they saw an avalanche heading straight for them. They managed to find shelter behind other tents as they watched one of their friends being overcome by the avalanche.

SA school girls among rescued

A group of SA school girls were in Nepal when the fatal earthquake hit the country, and they have all survived. President Jacob Zuma sent his condolences to all victims of that devastating earthquake. "Our thoughts are with the people of Nepal and neighbouring countries in the aftermath of the earthquake that has struck the Kathmandu valley. On behalf of the government and people of South Africa, I send my deepest condolences to the government of Nepal and to everyone affected, particularly to the families and friends of those killed and injured,” he aid in a letter to the Napalese government.

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