Grandma (79) graduates with grandkids

Despite her age, 79-year-old Rosa Salgado finally graduated from college with a degree in education on Saturday after 20 years of perseverance, reported the Miami Herald on Saturday.



May 6 th, 2015


The Columbian grandmother fulfilled her lifelong dream of graduating when she,alongside her grandchildren, graduated on Saturday from Miami Dade College with honours, earning her associate of arts in education.

Salgado said she hopes to be an inspiration for others. “I would say to all students, young, old or in the middle, that they have to fight to learn every day because learning is wonderful,” she said. Salgado began her studies in 1996, one year after moving from Columbia to Miami. She put her degree on hold for various reasons.

 “She had some personal setbacks and she beat them all and here she’s graduating,” said one of her professors, Sara Bulnes,proudly. Bulnes added: “When she came into my classroom her English was very limited and she struggled to learn the language, but she persevered.”


World’s oldest primary school student

“It is never too late to learn”. Priscilla, a 90-year-old Kenyan is the believed to be the world’s oldest primary school pupil. She had previously spent 65 years serving as a midwife and even helped deliver some of her classmates. “Grandmother has been a blessing to this school…she is loved by every pupil, they all want to learn and play with her,” said school headmaster, David Kinyanjui.


South Africa’s oldest teacher

Nontisikelelo Qwelane (94) is a teacher at the Metropolitan International College White River in Mpumalanga, in the north-east of South Africa.

Qwelane never tires of teaching.  She said: “When I’m in class, I forget about my knee and all the pains in my body. It’s because I didn’t do the things my mother told me not to”.

She began her teaching career in 1940 and has completed various qualifications during her career. In 2013, President Jacob Zuma awarded her with the Order of the Baobab for her great contribution to education.



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