Preventing muscle soreness



Muscle soreness or muscle pain mostly occurs after physical exercise. We might experience pain and stiffness several hours to days after strenuous exercise.



May 7 th, 2015

Ways to relieve muscle pain

There isn’t a specific method to ease muscle pain. A newly published study revealed that light activity can help ease soreness as well as a massage after a brutal work out. Consuming fish-oil (omega 3, 6 and 9) once a day also reduces soreness and will ease inflammation. Other foods such as salmon, spinach and nuts contain omega-3 oil that boost blood circulation to sore muscles and reduce inflammation.



  • Stay hydrated: drinking plenty of water is one of the best defenses against muscle soreness.
  • Adequate nutrition is a must if you work out. The food you eat is the fuel that your body will use to build the muscles.
  • Get enough sleep: sleep helps relax body and mind. Our muscles need to rest well before we subject them again to heavy training.
  • You can also alternate showering with cold and warm water at 20-30 minutes intervals.  It will help increase blood flow and aid in delivering nutrients in the bloodstream to the muscles.



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