Unfortunate female mountaineer  



May 7 th, 2015

Pretoria – The dream to be the first black woman to reach the world’s highest peak has ended in tears. This year, South African Saray Khumalo, mother of two, has failed again to summit Mount Everest when the 7.8 magnitude quake hit Nepal a few days ago. Terrified, shaky and scared by the tremors and shaking glaciers, she said she was “out of her body” and had poor visibility to find safety. Khumalo’s climb this year was to raise funds for SA children. She has climbed Kilimanjaro and Elbrus as part of her goal to scale the world’s seven big summits. Last year she attempted to raise funds for a feeding scheme but failed due to avalanches. The experience has been earth-shattering but Khumalo said she will not be deterred.  

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