Rhino poaching at record high


May 11 th, 2015

Pretoria – By end April, 393 rhinos have been poached across SA, including 290 from the Kruger National Park. Poachers benefit from the lucrative trade in rhino horns. Despite the anti-poaching operation, led by the SA government, the number continues to grow, especially on the Mozambique / SA border, home to the majority of SA’s 20,700 rhinos. Environmental Minister Edna Molewa admitted at a press conference in Pretoria that “government’s strategy needs work”. Helicopters and dog units have been used to track and capture poachers. In SA, many buy beaded “Rhino Force” bracelets in support of anti-poaching operations. According to some, rhino horn trade should be legalised and regulated to halt poaching.


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