Mother-daughter inspiring testimony




Ladies Africa received many entries to our Mother’s Day competition. Here are a few of our favourites.


WINNER: “Love you, Mom” - Bianca’s story

“My mom, Gillian, and I have a bond like most moms and daughters, but it’s also unique.  My childhood was spent mostly watching my mom play ten-pin bowling while she worked at the bowling alley. I honestly believe that allowing me to experience this wide-eyed view of the “real world,” helped me make better and more mature decisions in my adult life. I am fortunate that my mom has been supportive of my acting and film career for as long as she has been; not many parents would be so patient.  I do not know if I would still be as persistent as I am if she was not supportive of my dreams.”


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May 13 th, 2015

Zubeida’s story

“My sister left to live in another country and that's been tough on my mother. I've become so used to her being the strongest person I know (never complaining and forever the optimist) that it now pains me to see her miss her youngest daughter daily, wishing she'd be around. Being the one to offer strength to this phenomenon that I am privileged enough to call 'mother' is so new but being my mother's daughter, I choose to see the good in this. I have absolutely no doubt in her ability to adapt because of her tremendous resilience. Even though to me she's almost super-human, her beauty becomes even more evident through her ability to be vulnerable yet being one of the most solid and anchored souls I know. My mother is like a Phoenix.”


Vanessa’s story

“My mom prayed for me for a whole five years after marrying my dad. After becoming a born-again Christian, she finally conceived. She refers to me as her “miracle baby,” but the truth is - she is the real miracle. She juggled her career as a medical doctor, single mom and devoted friend to my little brother and I. When I was homesick in Australia, she travelled 12,000 kilometres to comfort me. Instead of staying in a foreign country that did not live up to my expectations, I realised the importance of love and family, and flew back with her. She has stood by me through every mistake and every joy. I would not be who I am today without her! Je t’aime, Maman.”


WINNER” “Walk the walk” - Luhle’s story

“My mother taught me that a lady does not sleep till 6am, ever! This taught me a lot, because my children are early birds. Once they wake up, they want to eat. They cry uncontrollably if there’s not food. So the food is ready by the time they wake up. There are no crying and no stress. Actually, there are a lot of things that I didn't list...”

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