2 plead guilty to raping nun



May 13 th, 2015

KZN - Two men pleaded guilty on Tuesday at the Pietermaritzburg Court to charges of rape and murder of an Austrian nun (86). According to reporters the two men, aged 25 and 26, broke into the Covent of Ixopo to steal something to eat from the kitchen. Caught by Gertrud Tiefenbacher, known as Sister Stefani, they dragged her to her room, tied her up and raped her. The accused said that ‘she was still moving’ when they left her room. They left with food, a vacuum cleaner and a watch. The victim came to SA in 1952 and had been benevolent to the villagers of Ixopo for years. SA is known for its frightening crime statistics with 17,068 murders and 62,649 complaints of sexual violence in 2013/14.

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