As human beings

we possess treasures and qualities on the inside that we’re unaware of. We are fully aware of what we are capable of but it’s not about what is on the’s about what you get out. Let us look at this statement in a practical sense: Africa has more resources than Europe but Europe ‘excels’. Does this make sense? Shouldn’t Africa excel more because of its resources? Let’s look at hidden treasure – hidden treasure can be defined as something valuable kept in a safe place. Each and every one of us possess a hidden treasure, and it is up to us as to whether we dig it up or keep it in that safe place.


May 23 rd, 2015

We need to quit limiting and belittling ourselves. We need to constantly believe and remind ourselves that we are full of potential and that we have everything we could possibly need in order to achieve our dreams. Another factor that causes us to under-achieve is that we are constantly in competition with one another, measuring our progress against the next person’s and valuing and defining ourselves based on materialistic items. We forget that each of us is equally God’s child, and as His child He has an individual plan for each one of us, according to His glory. We just keep appeasing Satan by competing against each other and hindering each other’s success. We need to learn to declare things because you will rise and fall as you believe. We are anything but average, destined for only great things! There is treasure inside of each of us, we just need to dig deeper and do the unthinkable. It may look impossible, but that’s what God specialises in!


Stop making excuses! Remove any reason or any doubt from your mind that tells you why you cannot possibly do it. All your excuses are silly and petty to your Creator and undermine His power. It simply means you don’t trust Him enough. He wouldn’t give you a talent/ability without it being above average. Learn to trust yourself as much as He trusts you.


What is in your hand? Give your talent to the Maker and ask Him to use you fully. Ask Him to direct you and lead you. Let him take control and that way you will fully excel and never struggle again.

Do it for His glory and not yours. We were created to glorify the Lord with our talents and abilities and not ourselves. You must never use your talents with the aim of being the greatest, but should use it to point people to God.

Last but not least: don’t die with your treasure still locked up inside. Be the light in this dark world!



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