Making time for important things

We’ve all heard this before: “I don’t have time!” More often than not we need to make time for important things. A couple need to schedule weekly date-nights and alone time to strengthen their relationship. Parents need some ‘down-time’. We also need to schedule one-on-one, quality time with our kids. Here are a few tips to help you make time for what’s really important.


May 26 th, 2015

  1. You need to determine which things are important. This can be your relationship with your spouse, partner, child or yourself.
  2. Plan ‘me-time’ around your family’s schedule. Get up a half-hour or hour earlier to exercise, meditate or plan your day.
  3. Teach your kids that you need time on your own and schedule activities for them while you have a break. Correlate their PlayStation / Xbox / online time with your personal time.
  4. Get a reliable babysitter for your weekly date-nights with your partner.
  5. Commit to the important things in your life and guard the time you’ve set aside for each of them.




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