Daughter accidentally runs over and kills own dad


An 84-year-old man on Wednesday was killed instantly when his daughter accidentally ran him over in his driveway. The woman pulled into the driveway and did not see her elderly father, who was crouched while he worked in his garden.

The man had lived in his house on Alban Vale, West Melbourne, for more than 30 years and had spent most of his time in his garden.

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June 5 th, 2015

The distraught daughter repeatedly screamed: “I’ve killed my dad!” an eyewitness told the Herald Sun. According to reports, the daughter pulled into the driveway with her truck and did not see her dad. She hit him with such force that he died instantly.

The daughter immediately called paramedics but her father was declared dead upon their arrival.

One of the neighbours, Mr Misale, told the Herald Sun that the daughter kept on screaming: “I’ve killed my dad!” and that she was “laying on the floor, almost hitting her head on the floor in anger.”


Similar cases

Two similar tragic incidents occurred recently when a father accidentally ran over his 16-year-old daughter in West Yorkshire. He was distracted by the family dog running into the road. Another dad accidentally killed his 18-year-old daughter when he reversed out of his driveway in Louisville Kentucky.

Angel Pitts (16 months old) tragically died when she walked in front of the family car. Scott Pitts (36) called his wife to fetch the dog from the street when the incident happened. He thought Angel was inside the family home when he called his partner to fetch the dog.  He initially thought he had hit one of his toddler’s toys but it was his daughter. The accident has had a huge impact on their relationship.



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