Terminally ill mom loses children

Coping with terminal illness is agonising, but dealing with the loss of your children amidst your illness might seem too much to bear. This happened to a breast cancer survivor who now has to cope with the deaths of her two children who died in a motorcycle accident over the weekend.

Gemel Deshawn Brown (26) and his sister LaKreisha Marie Johnson (15) died in a motorcycle accident in Detroit, US.


June 10 th, 2015

“This is just not easy and what I feel in my heart now is emptiness,” said Dorothy Johnson, the mother of the deceased.

Dorothy talked about the last moments spent with her 15-year-old daughter, LaKreisha.

“I said ‘you all be careful on those bikes’ and that is the last time I talked to my children.”

Police said Brown rode a motorcycle with his sister LaKreisha on the back when a Michigan State Trooper saw them travelling at high speed and followed them.Despite attempts to pull them over, police continued, they failed to stop at the intersection and drove straight into a car.

The siblings succumbed to their injuries. The vehicle driver and passenger sustained minor injuries.

Despite this, Johnson said her children had tried hard. “I’m not saying my kids did not have faults, but they worked hard,” she said.

Family members said LaKreisha was a student at Renaissance High School in Detroit and Brown was living in East Lansing where he had just started his own business. He signed a big contract last week.

Some hurt before getting through

Johnson, who is suffering from breast cancer, said she is relying on her God to see her through.

“My children were so scared of losing me, and the Lord blessed me and brought me through that. I know God is going to bring us through this, but in the midst of it all, there is still some hurt.”

Besides the amount of money needed for her cancer treatment, the family is now also faced with funeral costs. They’ve set up a ‘Gofundme’ account and have asked the community to assist them in giving their loved ones a proper farewell

“I am just asking that whoever can, will help me put my babies away in a good way,” she said.

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