‘Barren woman steals my son’

A woman, who was arrested last week for kidnapping a 6-year-old boy, is walking free because police possibly mishandled the case against her, reported News24.

The woman was arrested last week when the kidnapped boy’s father saw her while on his way to a local spaza shop in another part of Katlehong, not far from the spot where the child was snatched six months ago.

"A 28-year-old woman was arrested at Sphandla informal settlement and the suspect appeared in court. Unfortunately, the case was not put onto the roll due to technicalities. So investigations are still ongoing," said Constable Mega Ndobe.

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June 12 th, 2015

The details of the technicalities could not be disclosed, he said, but in the meanwhile, the woman was set free.

After toiling day and night praying that her son would be alive, the child’s mother, ThembisileMokwena, was overjoyed on June 1 when someone knocked in her door and said he had a surprise for her. Her son was waiting for her outside. "I cried at the thought of how good God is. It was a miracle," she said.

She said her husband had found him buying eggs while on his way to visiting his uncle in Sphanandla.

"When he was walking, he came face-to-face with his son. He asked him where he was going and Kagiso said he was on his way to buy eggs. Nokwazi, the woman he was living with, had sent him to the shop."

Mokwena said her husband alerted other residents who went to the woman's house, assaulted her and took her to the police station.


Justice should be served

ThembisileMokwena said justice should be served after all the she and her family had gone through. "No! I had not heard, but no! She cannot go free…not after the pain that she put us through," Mokwenasaid after learning the woman was freed.

On Wednesday, Mokwena shared how her son went missing six months ago.

"It was a Friday and Kagiso was playing with his friend at the park. From what I heard, a light-skinned woman came along and called my son by name. Kagiso went to her and she asked the children to accompany her to the corner. When they got there, the one told my son they should go back home, but the woman would not let my son go," Mokwena said.


"From what I hear, she said she took my son because she is barren. I don't know why she did not go to an orphanage instead of taking my child," Mokwena said. “"She even gave my son a new name. She named him Sibusiso," she added.

The child had apparently spent some time with the kidnapper in KwaZulu Natal because he knows some Zulu words.

"I am willing to forgive her but she must spend time in jail when I think of what she put me through," Mokwena said of the kidnapper.




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