2-year-old beaten to death by dad


A man was arrested for allegedly beating his two-year-old daughter to death and is also accused of having locked his wife for six hours so that he could achieve his wicked plan. 

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July 1 st, 2015

Christopher Williams (32) who evaded the police for a few days, made his first appearance in the Athlone Magistrates court on Monday. He faces a charge of murder for killing hisdaughter, Zoey Petersen, three days after her second birthday and a charge of assault forbeating . On Monday, the court heard that on 18 June, Williams allegedly had an argument with the child’s mother, Edwina Peterson.

Heartless beating for six hours

Peterson (20) told police that Williams “closed her mouth, beat her and locked her in a room” in their home in Hanover Park before beating their toddler with a broomstick. She said in a statement read out in court that the beating went on for six hours before the child was handed to her. The day after the assault, Williams took Peterson and Zoey to the hospital where little Zoey was declared dead upon arrival.

Zoey’s eyes were swollen and shut and her ribs were broken. Friends and family were emotional as they listened to the gruesome details of Zoey’s final hours.

After dropping the victims at the Hanover Park Day Hospital, Williams fled but police arrested him last Thursday, hiding in a shack among 20 other people.


Feeding his drug addiction

Her cousin and confidant DaleenRoain shared how the young mom suffered from the beating and ill-treatment by Williams.  

“She was always worried where she would go with their child, she thought she can’t come here because she used to take from the family to feed his drug addiction. If he did not get any money for his drugs, he would hit her,” Daleen said, adding that “She’d say if she goes home now, he is going to hit her. I told her let me go to the police station, but she feared him.”

Zoey’s family members say they have forgiven Williams. Zoey’s grandmother said they do not hate Williams and pray that God will change him.

Williams is expected back in court on July21.




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